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Press Release: RG+A Innovates New Research Approach Targeted at Complex Diseases by RG+A
Published 08/24/2015

RG+A, a leading healthcare marketing research and consulting firm, recently launched an innovative new research approach that extends its flagship product, Dynamic Practice Simulation®. Called Dynamic Practice Simulation Line of Therapy, this new offering is designed to overcome the challenges presented to forecasters in predicting performance for products that have complex treatment protocols that may extend through several lines of therapy.

The method simulates the treatment decision process by presenting physicians with a diverse set of realistic patient profiles in a given treatment area, having them treat the patients, and receiving feedback after each treatment on its effectiveness. Treatment decisions are assessed over three lines of therapy and may include multiple decisions such as induction and maintenance therapy at each point. Physicians make their treatment decisions under two scenarios – the market as it currently exists and a future market after the launch of an innovative new treatment.

“With the increased focus within healthcare on the management of progressive diseases, Dynamic Practice Simulation Line of Therapy is the perfect tool to provide marketers with the insights they need to position their products for treatment of specific patients at different points in therapy and in combination with other agents,” said Roger Green, CEO and President of RG+A.

Bruce Duncan, Ph.D., RG+A’s Chief Research Scientist, points out the versatility of the Line of Therapy approach, saying, “…simulating decision making with a feedback loop provides an ideal vehicle for assessing and understanding diseases with high rates of misdiagnosis, understanding the testing sequence physicians’ use when faced with symptoms that could represent many diseases, or monitoring the treatment protocol with a rapidly deteriorating patient.”

About RG+A

RG+A knows the importance of getting the right results quickly and cost-effectively. With nearly 25 years of proven experience applying unique and creative methods to solve complex problems, RG+A has earned a reputation as an innovator in primary research and consulting for the healthcare industry, advising pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on pricing, market valuation, and strategy formulation.

The RG+A Proven Process starts by focusing intently on our clients’ needs and questions, and ends by helping them drive commercial success. In getting there, we apply our industry-leading proprietary forecasting and simulation techniques – core methods that we integrate into research solutions targeted to meet our clients’ specific needs. We deliver results in compelling narratives that create context and tell stories, and through models and tools our clients can use to convert our results into action paths and forecasts.

For more information on RG+A or Dynamic Practice Simulation Line of Therapy, please visit us at www.thinkRGA.com or call 267-744-6400.

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