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Press Release: Roger Green + Associates, Inc. Now Known as RG+A by RG+A
Published 10/20/2014

New Hope, PA — September 9, 2014 — Roger Green + Associates, a leading healthcare marketing research firm announced that from today on, it will be known as RG+A. The streamlined moniker reflects an enhanced focus on meeting clients’ research and insight development needs in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

As the firm’s new website notes, “High-stakes decisions require better answers and stronger guidance, but budgets are crunched, timelines keep contracting, and client side researchers find themselves with more to do and less support. RG+A knows the importance of getting the right results quickly and cost-effectively, and then providing guidance on how to convert these results into commercial action.”

President, CEO and Founder Roger Green noted, “We have made this change to focus on what our clients expect from us:

  • Results that provide a unique evaluation of market challenges and commercial opportunities
  • Guidance that helps our clients take full advantage of our results by converting them into…
  • Actions that drive commercial success stories.”

“RG+A represents so much more than any one individual’s experiences or reputation,” continued Green. “Our firm has developed over a dozen innovative methodologies and research tools to help our clients prosper in today’s ever changing healthcare environment. Our Health Payer Council offers clients a new window on the increasingly diverse U.S. payer community, and a new way of considering how to capture value and build relationships. Every day, healthcare products companies around the globe rely on us to help them drive commercially successful action.”

As part of this initiative, RG+A is launching a new brand identity and website located at

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