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: Webinar: Forecasting Across Lines of Therapy by Tim Deckman
Published 07/09/2015

An innovative research approach designed to overcome the challenges in forecasting treatment decisions for current and emerging options within highly complex diseases

This webinar presentation will describe a new approach for forecasting the impact of future events for complex diseases. We will show how the method simulates the treatment decision process by presenting physicians with a diverse set of realistic patient profiles, having them treat the patients, and receiving feedback after each treatment on its effectiveness. Treatment decisions can be assessed over three lines of therapy and can include decisions for induction and maintenance therapy. Physicians make their treatment decisions under two scenarios – the market as it currently exists and a future market after the launch of an innovative new treatment.

This webinar is delivered by Tim Deckman, Ph.D., Vice President of Marketing Science at RG+A. Dr. Deckman is responsible for executing all phases of RG+A’s advanced and proprietary methodologies, serving as a methodological expert for clients as well as internal teams. Tim works to ensure that RG+A maximizes the accuracy and amount of actionable insights provided to clients from the data collected. He has extensive experience conducting quantitative analyses in both corporate and academic settings. In particular, he has expertise in regression-based analyses and Monte Carlo model building.

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to predict how physicians will act is to have them treat the same simulated patients across lines of therapy
  • Line of Therapy Simulation is uniquely capable of identifying current and new product positions in treatment algorithm
  • Line of Therapy Simulation captures current and future treatment sequences

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