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Client Recommendation: Multilingual Community Panel Moderation by GlobaLexicon
Published 03/06/2019

Verve – Multilingual Community Panel Moderation in Multiple Markets


Verve is the specialist in multilingual Community Panels for research, with offices in both London and Chicago. Verve partners with GlobaLexicon – their main translation supplier – for the translation of their consumer studies, including surveys, invites and screeners, as well as the translation of their software platform. With the partnership continuing to evolve, Verve came to GlobaLexicon for international online community panel moderation, involving several markets.


As always, GlobaLexicon was keen to help while also being aware of the challenges of online community moderation. These include timely and relevant replies to comments, creating content from scratch while making sure replies are consistent across markets, the need to probe in a friendly and encouraging manner to get respondents to develop insightful answers and comments, and ensuring efficiency within the agreed client timeline.

GlobaLexicon handpicked a team of trusted native speakers and held a structured kick-off meeting before commencing the moderation. One of the community panels was used to identify typical comments that would need further probing. Verve provided examples of standard replies for cases where probing would be necessary, which the moderators translated into their native languages to ensure consistency across the 5 markets. These standard replies were of course adapted according to the context.

As it can prove tricky to estimate a panel’s activity and how many comments will need probing, a fixed initial moderation time was agreed with Verve. After that initial time, it was then re-assessed to see if further moderation was needed.

The Results

The GlobaLexicon team was able to moderate the online panels for all markets and follow-up on responses, to keep the discussions active with high value comments from participants. Since this first multilingual moderation project, GlobaLexicon has been commissioned many more moderation projects by Verve. Through working in collaboration with their In-House Linguist Teams, GlobaLexicon is always able to get their best trained, qualified linguists on the job.

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