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Blog: Mobile Survey Unwraps 10 Gifts Men REALLY Want this Christmas [Infographic] by Chris Medenwald, PhD
Published 12/04/2014

What gifts do men have their sights set on this holiday season? This mobile survey from Field Agent offers a peek at men’s wish lists. Click here for valuable advice on how to shop for them.

Another holiday season; another year of hearing those frustrated remarks: “I just don’t know what to buy him. He doesn’t want anything.” When it comes to gift-buying, Abby Hayes of U.S. News & World Report says “men can be notoriously difficult to shop for.”

Of course, brands and retailers, like consumers, are also interested to know what gifts men are pinning their hopes on this year. So we at Field Agent channeled our inner-elf and asked 250 men from 40 states what they most want for Christmas. Below you’ll find the results of this exciting study, including men’s top wishes.

It’s Santa meets consumer science.

Myth-Busting: Holiday Style

Do men even have Christmas wishes, or do they, as the saying goes, “already have everything they want/need”? We asked men to what extent they agree with the statement, “I usually know of at least one item I would like as a holiday gift.” Almost everyone agreed with the statement, with 63% saying theystrongly agreed.

But even if they do know what they want, are they willing to express this wish to their families? The vast majority said they do. In all, 88% reported normally telling at least one family member what they want.

Though men may be a little more wishful than conventional wisdom suggests, our survey further suggests that picking something he will like may not be as difficult as some think. In fact, 87% of men said their family generally gives them what they want for Christmas. And when we asked males if they agree with the statement “My family usually gives me holiday gifts I like,” virtually all expressed agreement, and 42%strongly agreed.


So the pressure’s off. Families may feel their “fellas” are hard to buy for, but this study suggests men generally appreciate the gifts they receive and, in most cases, have their holiday wishes filled.

Men’s Wish List 2014: Top 10 Gifts

Then what exactly do men want this year? There was a clear, runaway winner at the top of men’s wish lists: electronics. Our sample was asked what one item they most want for Christmas this year.

Electronics accounted for a whopping 72% of these responses.

But let’s get more specific. The Top 10 gifts men really want for Christmas this year are:

1. Video game console - 12%


2. TV - 11%


3. Laptop - 9%


4. Speakers/surround sound - 7%


5. Smartphone - 6%


6. Headphones - 5%


7. Tablet/iPad - 4.5%


8 & 9. (tied) Video game - 4%

8 & 9. (tied) Firearm/accessories - 4%


10. Camera - 3%

Clearly, electronics brands and retailers selling electronics have the most direct path to men’s hearts this year.

10 Gifts Men Really Want For Christmas 2014 from Field Agent

Does age affect what men wish for?

The average age in our sample was 36, with a range of 18 to 79. And income levels from across-the-board were represented. From youngest to oldest, electronics were popular, with the notable exception of video gaming merchandise.

While 10 of the 30 youngest respondents wished for a video game or gaming console, not one agent among the oldest 30 made such a request. The oldest respondent hoping for a video game/console was 45-years-old.

Mobile Santa

Like Santa, mobile market research has a way of getting to the truth—whether it's in-store shopper insights, at-home product use tests, or, yes, what men really want for Christmas.

Ready to Learn More About Your Customers? Mobile Research: How Smartphones Connect Companies with Their Customers

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