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Blog: Market Research Predictions 2018 by Jim Jacobs
Published 01/01/2018


Ahhhhh remember the good old days? (Or at least what you tell your kids?)

We actually had to DRIVE to the store to pick up an item! (Your parents had to walk through 10 feet of snow barefoot, uphill both ways)

(Now we click the "Buy Now with 1-Click" on Amazon app)

We had to actually get this thing called "money" and go to a place and give "green paper" to the person at the counter.

Remember when you asked "What the hell is a BitCoin?"...

Ahhhhhh predictions. Who's a thought leader in the space? We'll thats the best part of our business- all we do is look to get people's opinions all day!

So- last month I was interview by Bob Lederer for his 13th Annual Predictions Issue. This is a news source for the Pharma, Healthcare, Biotech and Medical Device Market Researchers in our business.

Let me read my predictions for the upcoming year (published December 20170 you can find this at

The current Trump administration is going to be a BIG WIN for bio-pharma research. Less regulation in the marketplace, along with a record stock market, will result in lots more studies in 2018. Market share will be shifted towards the bio techs and medical devices, away from the medical insurance side in my opinion. 

With tax cuts and the market at an all-time high, I believe that some lesser regulations will result in a higher emphasis on medical device manufacturing, advancement and market research studies. 2018 will be a record year in terms of metrics of year-over0rear growth-  a bigger boon than any we have seen in the past decade.

So- what do you think? Am I right or am I wrong?

If I could predict the market, I would have bought BitCoin 5 years ago! (and had it sold already)

This is a great article to read and look back at next December to see what happened.

2017.12 PMR Predictions (With Cover Letter)

Really a fascinating read and excellent predictions.

Jim Jacobs is the president of Focus Insite, a leader in market research recruitment for medical, consumer and B2B studies. If you are looking for qualitative recruitment for your next market research study, contact them at 888-8-FOCUS-1 for your next project or as they say "You supply the project, we supply the people!"

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