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Website: Hanover Research's Market Analysis Solution by Hanover Research
Published 01/22/2020

Take the guesswork out of growth with the data and analysis needed for smart business decisions

Is growth a top priority for your company? If so, you likely won’t be surprised to find that a majority of organizations share this goal. In fact, research conducted by McKinsey revealed that nearly 2/3 of businesses surveyed identify growth as a top item on their executives’ agendas. Additionally, 93% of participants have pursued at least one growth strategy in the last three years.

It’s clear that a long-term growth strategy is essential for the continued success of your company. What’s less clear in many cases is how to develop that strategy. Your leadership team needs to make smart decisions about market entry and expansion to sustain and build on your success. 

For too many companies, the answers lie in looking to the past or guessing about the future. In fact, when asked how they make critical business decisions, 58% of business decision-makers make decisions based on gut feelings or past experiences rather than data.

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