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Blog: Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience by Decision Point
Published 09/28/2018

How many brands do you know that promise an excellent customer experience but then don’t deliver? It happens frequently – and for a variety of reasons. Customers’ expectations are at an all-time high, so there is little room for error – one bad experience with your brand, and a customer may be lost forever.

Many brands are looking to differentiate themselves based on customer or patient experience. To do this effectively, the entire customer journey must be understood – every touchpoint customers have with your brand from the time they start researching online to when they use your product or service. Each interaction is an opportunity to delight your target and to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Once the customer journey is mapped out and optimized, brands need to continually monitor how well they are delivering on that experience. This step is critical to avoid touting a great experience but not delivering it. Monitoring often comes in the form of a customized survey but can include other tactics such as secret shoppers. This tracking helps quickly identify issues that need to be addressed and opportunities to improve upon the experience.

With the help of a Customer (or Patient) Drivers Analysis, brands can uncover not only which areas in the customer journey need improvement but also where you will get the most bang for your buck with an improvement. For example, you may learn that while your website receives the lowest ratings, an improvement to your showroom layout will have the biggest impact on overall satisfaction.

“Decision Point has done a wonderful job streamlining our process of collecting and utilizing patient feedback. From customizing the survey to meet our needs, monitoring results and flagging those that need immediate attention, to identifying which factors have the most impact on patient experience, the information has been invaluable in maintaining and enhancing our patient experience.”

Barb Thiermann, Executive Director at Turville Bay MRI and Radiation Oncology Center

Let’s talk about how we can help your brand deliver an excellent customer experience. Contact us.


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