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eBook: PROVE IT! A Marketer’s Guide to Ad Claim Substantiation by RTi Research
Published 12/15/2016
Advertising claims can provide very powerful marketing support for your brand. But often, the most meaningful and powerful claims must be proven. One popular and effective way to do that is with ad claim substantiation research. Whether you are making one of several types of claims to support your own marketing, or challenging a competitor’s claim, you need to have proof supporting your position that meets industry and legal standards. This is a complex and often confusing subject area, and that is why we wrote this eBook. Whether you’re making a claim or challenging a competitor, PROVE IT! A Marketer’s Guide to Ad Claim Substantiation will empower you with key learning: * The 6 different kinds of claims * Determining whether a claim requires substantiation * How to bullet-proof your ad claims research * 5 tips for better ad claims research
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