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Blog: Margin of Error Calculator by Tyler Maher
Published 08/16/2020

Calculate Margin of Error based on Sample Size and Confidence Level

The margin of error will estimate the precision level of your results.  The margin of error is the difference of proportion from the true proportion that is acceptable to the researcher. If you want the difference of the absolute value of the range, run a confidence interval test.

The margin of error also referred to as the confidence interval is often expressed as a range ± the population parameter σ. In the social sciences, 0.05 is an acceptable margin of error. Change the margin of error depending on your precision needs. If you have no preference, choose e = 0.05 as the default.

Use our margin of error calculator  to see if your sample size relative to the population size is within an acceptable parameter. Your should consider increasing your sample size if the margin of error is above 5 percent.

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