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Webinar Recording: Build an Interactive Dashboard for Survey Data in 5 Minutes
Published 01/15/2020

How would building an interactive dashboard in five minutes dramatically change the way you deliver survey data analytics and insights?

Would you:

  • Automatically update your dashboard immediately after each wave of a tracker?
  • Add a new chart to a dashboard to answer ad-hoc customer questions in no time?
  • Deliver a dashboard and let customers create their own PowerPoint slides from the dashboard, on the fly, with the push of a button?

Chris Jones, Senior Director of Product at, and Alan Lan, Esports Analytics Manager at Activision Blizzard, will show you how to build an interactive dashboard with drag & drop and no coding.

If it’s taking you weeks to build or update your current dashboards, and costing you thousands of dollars, then don't miss this webinar. 

Watch the Recording Now