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Press Release: Reckner Healthcare Introduces QualEDGESM Online Enhancements to Qualitative Studies by Jason Gamber
Published 03/01/2017


March 1, 2017

Jason Gamber

215 822 6220                                                         

Reckner Healthcare Introduces QualEDGESM

Online Enhancements to Qualitative Studies

Chalfont, Pennsylvania – Reckner Healthcare has introduced QualEDGESM, a new healthcare fieldwork solution designed specifically for qualitative market research with healthcare professionals.

QualEDGESM enables researchers to add a quantitative element to their qualitative research.  For example, it would be used for patient chart exercises, to view and respond to target product profiles and for pre/post interview questions.  

“QualEDGESM responds to one of the industry’s key trends, which is the merging of qualitative and quantitative research,” states Jason Gamber, Executive Director at Reckner Healthcare.  “Combining qualitative research with online enhancements gives researchers detailed insights while simultaneously quantifying specific items.”

QualEDGESM also provides live reporting which means researchers can view results and receive alerts as they come in.  The product is flexibly-priced to enable research agencies to achieve online efficiencies for virtually any qualitative project.

“Our clients are research agencies who serve the pharma and healthcare community,” comments Gamber.  “Our goal is to craft healthcare fieldwork solutions that help them deliver the best research results for their clients.  QualEDGESM helps them streamline their efforts so they can focus on their insight work.”


Reckner Healthcare is a market research company, serving the pharmaceutical and medical industries for 25+ years. The company manages and maintains a verified healthcare professional panel, which includes physicians, healthcare professionals, hospital administration, payers, and other healthcare decision makers and opinion leaders. Reckner provides complete healthcare fieldwork solutions, including recruiting, programming, fielding, and hosting for qualitative and quantitative market research projects.