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Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Patients

Patients is a target audience group to be studied by marketing research providers. Target audience groups include, but not limited to, Medical/Health Care, Minority/Low Incidence Segments, Sports Enthusiasts, Executive/Professionals, etc. Select more than one marketing research provider specialized in multiple target audience groups at the same time for a side-by-side comparison.
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  Phreesia Life Sciences - ,
Specialties include: Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Healthcare Interviewing (consumer health conditions), Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Pharmaceutical, Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Patients...

Insights Association - Washington, DC 20006
Specialties include: Data Collection Methodologies – Qualitative – Focus Group Facility, Data Collection Methodologies – Qualitative – Marketing Research Recruiting Services...

  OvationMR - New York, NY
Specialties include: Data Collection Methodologies – Quantitative – Internet/Web Based Surveys, Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Consumer Products/Consumer Services Marketing Research...
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