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Data Collection Methodologies – Quantitative – Other

Quantitative marketing research providers are specialized in performing research that is used to statistically estimate the viewpoints of a population providing estimates of percentages or averages. The research usually employs larger samples and takes less of the respondent’s time. Quantitative research services include, but not limited to, Telephone Data Collection, Off-Site/Remote Interviewing, Intercepts, Questionnaire design, etc. Select more than one quantitative marketing research service provider for a side-by-side comparison.
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Blue Sky Research Group, LLC - Tampa, FL
Specialties include: Off-Site/Remote Intercept Surveys, Related Services and Providers – Field Data Collection Management, Research Methods – Intercepts, Store Auditing/Demos/Distribution Checks...

Global Resource Management - Los Angeles, CA
Specialties include: Data Collection Methodologies – Qualitative – Marketing Research Recruiting Services, Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Consumer Products/Consumer Services Marketing Research...

Primary Point, Inc. - Boston, MA
Specialties include: Telephone Data Collection, Research Methods – Business-to-Business Research Methods, Research Methods – Full Service, Interviewing Specialties by Audience – Executive/C-Level...

Sponsorship Research International (SRi) - Westport, CT
Specialties include: Data Collection Methodologies – Quantitative – Other, Related Services and Providers – Social Media Analytics
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